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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Food Memory - Chocolate

I have a love/hate relationship with chocolate. 

I'm not obsessed by it, I don't fantasise about it, and I'm altogether *Meh* about it. 

In fact eating too much of it makes me quite ill; I have an intolerance to caffeine. 

Sometimes, however, I do crave it. I crave something sweet and melty and smooth. 

If I crave it when I have little money; Dairy Milk. If I crave it when I have some money; I make chocolate cheesecake. If I crave it when I have lots of money; Hotel Chocolat 40% Milk. My chocolate habits are pretty formulaic and predictable. 

There is something chocolately lurking in my past though: this photo... 

Yes, I am the one on the left with the face-full of chocolate and armed with a chunk of cake to act as a dipper. Mother knew how to do healthy snacks. 

My favourite part of this photo though is my sister's facial expression; it's one of "Tsk, can't take her anywhere". She still looks at me like that now. 

Nowadays I prefer my sporadic chocolately treats in my mouth rather than around it. Mostly. 

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