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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tapas Fiesta!

It's tapas time! 

I love cooking and eating tapas; it's truly one of my favourites. I've been privileged enough  to be able to sample authentic tapas in Madrid, in a bar filled with locals and formica tables. It was awesome. 

I know it's a bit faddy and trendy but I adore 'small plates' cuisine; like tapas, anti-pasti, mezze, etc. The variety of the food really appeals to my taste buds, as does the friendliness of everyone tucking in to different dishes in the middle of the table. 

On Saturday we're having some of our favourite people over for a tapas fiesta; with tapas, drinks, and laughs. 

I've spent quite a lot of time planning the menu because I wanted to make it a bit more than basic but not too expensive to create, and with some yummy vegetable accompaniments for my BFF (who loves a bean). 

And here's the finished article (in my dodgy Espanol...)

Results and photos on Friday/Saturday! 


  1. The green beans and garlic and the churros are just for me, yes?
    My food womb is very excited to be impregnated.

    1. You just wait until you try the mint and broad bean pate...FOODGASM.