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Friday, 25 January 2013

Interview with Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge is the chef owner of The Hand and Flowers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. The Hand and Flowers is unique as the first pub to be awarded 2 Michelin Stars for it's food. Tom has worked in professional kitchens since 1991 in Gloucestershire, London, and Norfolk, and has worked for culinary legends such as Gary Rhodes and Phillip Britton. Fast becoming a culinary legend himself, Tom also appears regularly on television and on Twitter @ChefTomKerridge. 

And he also agreed to have a quick e-chat with me... 

If there is one thing (ingredient/equipment/expert tip) that no home cook should be without, what would it be?

Treat all ingredients with respect and they will respect you back. 

You've been a vocal advocate for cheap cuts of meat; what's your favourite cut and the best way of cooking it?

Pork belly; cooked at 70 degrees for 8 hours, pressed and chilled then regenerated on a plancha to crisp up the skin.

How does your shellfish allergy affect your cooking and approach to development in the kitchen?

It has no effect, I know what they all taste like, I have tried them all, and I have built a great team around me without allergies!

In 2011 The Hand and Flowers was awarded it's second Michelin star; what does the recognition mean to you and your staff?

It is a huge achievement to be the first and only pub have achieved two Michelin stars, showing that good food can be served in an environment that is much more user friendly. The culminations of 25 years being a chef on my part and a huge amount of enthusiasm and hard work from all my fantastic staff.

You're an active Twitterer; why do you use it?

I use it because, as a modern day chef and member of the hospitality industry, you need to embrace and recognise all types of media, TV, radio and social media, as people want to know what you think and you need to be seen actively embracing all types of correspondence.

What has been the greatest influence on your food?

Simplicity and flavour.

What's next for Tom Kerridge?

Maintaining what we have, using it as foundation to perhaps build a bigger business using and encouraging the staff that we have here to grow with us in an organic, strong route of progression.